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Domaine Marquestau


A.O.C.: Bas Armagnac
Producers:  Jean-Michel Lamothe,  Julien Tastet, Thomas Dufau, Sébastien Sarrade
Location: Landes

The union of modernity and tradition on an exceptional terroir
The Story: The one of four friends, prominent figures in the region and lovers of the land, who decided in 2013 to join forces and take over from Martial Darraba, producer of Armagnac in Hontanx. His nephew, winemaker Jean-Michel Lamothe, is joined by the rugby player Julien Tastet, the bullfighter Thomas Dufau, and Sébastien Sarrade as salesman, all from Bas-Armagnac, to restore the former glory of this magnificent 18th-century property.

Bas-Armagnac: a terroir of excellence with sandy loam soils, known as tawny sands, gives rise to delicate and very fruity eaux-de-vie.
The wine distilled during the manufacture of Armagnac comes from our vines, which allows us to control the quality of the product from its production to its bottling through its aging in barrels. 
Brut de cask: The degree of our vintage Armagnacs is natural. It does not undergo reduction and only benefits from natural evaporation called “angels’ share”. 
Grape variety 100% Baco vintages: this unique grape variety brings roundness and softness as well as notes of ripe fruit to our eaux de vie.