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A.O.C. : Armagnac, Bas Armagnac
Producer : Groupe Viticole GERLAND (2002
Location : Landes, Gers

The Domaine will be closed from December 23 to January 3, 2024. 
Last dispatch on Friday December 22.

Since 1934, the Domain of Sempé is entirely dedicated to the production of Armagnac. Thanks to a rigorous selection of distillation wine done with numerous wine-growers and through a permanent research of young and slowly aged eaux de vie , Sempé acquired, into their Gascony char a huge collection of Armagnac millésimes from 1930 until those days.

The 3 successive char masters, since the creation of the House, succeed in the establishment of the “tryptique d’Abel”: perfume, glory and length. Although, through the ages they succeed in giving a real colour to the aromas; from the light gold to the deep amber passing by the copper reflections. Thanks to Abel Sempé, senator of the Gers, the Armagnac Sempé succeed in opening them to a largest population at the beginning of the 1960’s! Then, tasting slowly an Armagnac Sempé it’s like discovering that the unification of vines, fire and the wood permitted by the human-being and the time, can procure a simple but real pleasure!

- Millésime 1995 à 2004, Sempé 1998 wins the Silver medal at the Talents de l’armagnac in 2014
- General agricultural contest of Paris of 2017 : Gold medal for the VSOP