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Château Pomès-Pébérère

A.O.C. : Bas Armagnac Ténarèze
Producer : Famille Faget
Location : Gers en Gascogne

Since 1820, Château Pomès-Pébérère, is exploited by the Faget family.

The harvests come from the characteristic ground from the Tenarèze: shallow and argilocalcaire. It lends itself beautifully to the cultivation of the vine. The grape varieties are Ugni-Blanc 50% and Colombard 40%.

Château Pomès-Pébérère owns its proper distillery and two “Alambic Armagnacais” with continued flow rate, typical of the region. The amber color of the Armagnac Pomès-Pébérère comes from the oak wood from the barrels. Its scent of prunes is characteristic of the Terroir of Ténarèze. More than 40 different vintages grow, day after day, in the cellars of the Château Pomès-Pébérère, some for more than 50 years, waiting to be tasted!

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