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Domaine de Pellehaut

A.O.C. : Armagnac
Producer : Famille Béraut
Location : Gers

Château de Pellehaut is a family property, located in the heart of the Armagnac appellation, on the heights of Montreal in the Gers.

In the Beraut family, we have been winemakers from father to son for 7 generations. Today, Mathieu & Martin perpetuate this know-how; their Armagnacs are the reflection of their family traditions with the great touch of modernity that characterizes them.

The century-old cellars contain a remarkable stock of eaux-de-vie made from the noble grape varieties Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche. Whether they are vintage, blends or single grape varieties, each of the Armagnacs from Château de Pellehaut will seduce you with its complexity and elegance, its power or its great originality which testifies to the virtuosity of the winemaker.

Known and recognized in France and abroad, the Armagnacs of Pellehaut stand out for their uniqueness. All these Armagnacs are single estates; From grapes to brandy through aging, everything is sourced and produced on the estate with the "signature" that characterizes them.

In 2020-2021, Pellehaut was awarded at the very prestigious international wine and spirits competition in London with the title of Best Producer of Spirits.

Let yourself be tempted by these fine, sweet and complex eaux-de-vie and enter this wonderful world where all generations come together for your greatest pleasure.