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Domaine Espérance

A.O.C. : Bas Armagnac
Producer : Jean-Louis et Claire de Montesquiou
Location : Landes

Jean-Louis and Claire de Montesquiou acquired the field of Esperance in 1990; it is located in Gascony (Bas-Armagnac).

« Grand pendu, j’iray taster de ton vin en passant » Votre meylleur mestre et affectionné amy ; signé « Henry ». This is how King Henri IV/the 4th invited himself at his friend Montesquiou in order to taste his incredible wine, enjoining him to meet him for the Coutras battle!
The Armagnac is produced in Gascony since the 15th century/ Gascony makes Armagnac since the 15th century/ and the first writings of the Montesquiou family goes back to the 10th century and let their memory to the French History, as the famous Monluc of the crusades/ religious wars, either the General de Montesquiou-Fezensac made the campaign in Russia with Napoleon and of course the legendary d’Artagnan from les Trois Mousquetaires and many more …  

Assemblage 10 ans : Silver medal - Contest of «eau-de-vie» from Bas-Armagnac in the region of Landes 2010. 

Armagnac 1994 : Gold medal at the Agricultural show of Paris in 2011.
Armagnac 1993 : Professional contest of great eaux-de-vie of Armagnac in Eauze 2010. Prize of General Council of the region of Landes. Contest of eaux-de-vie of Bas-Armagnac in the region of Landes. Honors.
Armagnac 1992 : Silver medal at the Agricultural show of Paris in 2009.
Armagnac 1990 : Gold medal at the Agricultural show of Paris in 2006.