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Tasting tips

degustation verre

Armagnac’s best friend is oxygen

To appreciate the full range of its complexity, Armagnac should be served 15 to 30 minutes before drinking. Before your meal, suggest and serve an Armagnac for later. That will leave enough time for its aromas to develop fully – check this for yourself, from time to time. Enjoy it with cheese (there is nothing finer) or at the end of the meal with a cigar (there is nothing finer than that, either).

Serve Armagnac in a narrow glass or a tulip glass to concentrate the aromas, and you can then set off on a voyage of discovery, in which you will find vanilla, cocoa, plums, figs or honey. A great Armagnac can reveal all of those, and sometimes even more.

Armagnac may also be enjoyed as an aperitif, just like a malt whisky. Select an Armagnac that is under ten years old, and revel in the delicate pleasure of a fine young Armagnac with a little water, as the Musketeers did of old.

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